Shopping Basket

It used to be that when I went into a store thinking I only needed a few things I would reach for the shopping baskets that are always waiting by the door. I thought that I didn’t need a cart if I wasn’t getting a lot of things, but this was something that I soon changed my mind about. A shopping basket can hold quite a few items, but that is not the only consideration there is to think about. After a few frustrating trips through the grocery store with a basket, I finally decided that unless I knew I was only getting one thing for sure, I would always use a shopping cart.

When I grab a shopping basket thinking I am only getting a few things, I always end up with twice as much as I wanted to get. By the time I am half way through the store, the shopping basket is beginning to cut through my hand quite painfully. It’s a fact of life that you will always find a few more things that you need, and these things will always weigh more than you thought they would. If you decide that you want to get something heavy to carry in the other hand like cat litter or something similar, you might as well give it up.

On top of having a very heavy shopping basket in my hand, I am still fighting with my purse in my other hand. I have to set the shopping basket down to put something else in it, or I have to deal with shifting the basket and the purse from one hand to the other because my hand is tired of holding something that is far too heavy. By the time I get to the check out line I am more than upset with myself for not getting a shopping cart when I came into the store.

I know get a shopping cart on almost every single trip through the store, even if I really only get three things. This allows me a place to put my purse, and it gives me a chance to stop and deal with my daughter if I have to at any given time. I never have to worry about it getting heavy like the shopping basket, and I always manage to get through the store faster that way anyway. Though the shopping basket is convenient if you can deal with it, I don’t find the need to use one very often any more.


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